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With the weather getting warmer (I live in hope!), I thought I’d give options for those that are looking for Hiking routes in the Dublin /Wicklow Area. While I do like the gym, I absolutely love being out in the great outdoors! Hiking for me is the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. Working a busy 9-5 job stuck in front of a laptop for most of the week, I look forward to getting out and about on the weekends. While I know there are loads of beautiful Hiking Trails around, I’ve chosen the 3 I enjoy the most!

30km from Dublin, this place is so beautiful, boasting gorgeous scenery as well as two lakes. There are a number of walking trails you can do, depending on the difficulty level you want to do. I’ve done them all, and my personal favourite is the 8km walk, called the “Derrybawn Woodland Trail” which gives you a gorgeous view of the Glendalough Valley. The “Spinc and Glenelo Trail” is also popular with my friends and I which takes 3 hours and is a 9km walk. You can view all the Wicklow Walking Tours HERE

When we go, we always take a little picnic and relax at the Upper Lake, or we use it as a nice little break during the hike itself. There are no proper shops in Glendalough so if you’re looking for some food to bring on a picnic, organise it before you arrive. They do have a small food place selling chips etc (during the summer months) as well as ice-cream, which is the perfect treat on the way back to your car. This is probably my favourite of all three hikes!

Ticknock is a 5 minute Drive from Dundrum, and it’s the perfect escape from the city, without venturing too far! Again there are a number of routes to take, but we always go to our favourite the Fairy Castle Loop which takes around an hour and a half and is 5.5km. It’s not too strenuous, but will give your calves a work out! It also boosts beautiful views of South Dublin! Car parking is free, but does close at 4pm – so don’t get caught out!

Bray Head /  Bray to Greystones 

Bray Head is definitely a firm favourite of mine, as it was one of my first hikes, and will also be a little bit special. It’s easy to get to via car/dart or bus and there’s a number of routes you can take. My friend Mark and I made up our own route, which has us on our hands and knees (slight exaggeration) but there’s a few options to get up to the cross!

If climbing up isn’t for you, the Bray to Greystones walk is also a great walk and gorgeous on a beautiful day! Its about 4km each way and the views are gorgeous – especially if you’re lucky and get a sunny day. If you’re looking for a treat afterwards – Platform Pizza beside Bray Dart Station serves amazing pizza (and their Mac’ and Cheese is to die for!)


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