Long Haul Travel Tips


8 or more hours in one position on a stuffy airplane isn’t exactly anybody’s idea of fun.

As someone who finds long haul flights rather stressful, yet loves to travel frequently, I’ve come up with ways to make that journey a little easier. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice a long haul flight isn’t always as pleasant as one would hope.

1: Reserve a good seat. 

Book early and see if you’re able to book a seat there and then. Some Airlines don’t allow you to book seats a few weeks in advance, only a few days before but as soon as you’re able to book, be quick!

For me on Long Haul flights there’s nothing I hate more than being in the middle of the 4 seats in the middle of the plane. I much prefer to be on the 2 seats either side. If that’s not possible at all, the aisle of the 4 isn’t too bad, and you might strike lucky and have no one beside you so you can spread out!

If you were out of luck when you booked, always ask when you’re checking in if there are any window/aisle seats left, as more than likely there will be. Just arrive early to check in and be polite!


2: Wear comfortable clothes.

A no-brainer really… but showcasing the latest fashion on a long haul flight isn’t the most practical nor comfortable. My go-to Travel Outfit is Leggings, an oversized T-shirt, A Long Line Cardigan and a Scarf as well as a pair of runners. I’m also not ashamed to say 9/10 on a Long Haul Flight I’m rocking a light sports bra for ultimate comfort.

I also bring a change of underwear/proper bra and a change of socks so I’m feeling fresh upon my arrival! If it’s particularly cold where I’m going I’ll also pack a cosy oversized knit jumper.

3: Stay Hydrated  

I’ve got a confession to make – I find water really, really, really boring! Unless I’m extremely thirsty or in a hot country I’m most likely to drink water if there’s some sugar-free squash in it! These Robinsons Squash’d are perfect for travelling. They’re only 66ml (so you can bring them on your carry on) and such a handy thing to have in your bag. F.Y.I WHSmith sells these in Dublin Airport.

I also like to be inventive with my water intake, and look to get some extra hydration in the form of some fresh fruit – watermelon being my favourite. If you’re a keen tea drinker, bring some of your favourite tea bags and just ask for boiling water in a takeaway cup – most airlines are more than happy to accommodate.


4: Simplify your Hand Luggage

 If you’re travelling Long Haul there’s not much need to bring an extra check in bag – if you pack wisely (Another post coming soon, on that!) so keep your hand luggage to a simple tote bag – bonus points if it has different compartments to keep everything easily accessible.

1: Travel Wallet
2: Noise Cancelling Headphones
3: Good Book – I love Karin Slaughter
4: Notebook for flight/accommodation info (Have you accommodation info ready for any immigration forms)
5: Makeup Bag: Once passed Security I pop my few liquids back into my makeup bag. I keep this makeup bag down to the bare essentials.
6: Chargers/Portable Chargers

I have this Travel Wallet and it’s so handy, and good for the ‘ gram too 😉

 5: Stay Fresh & Comfortable

During a long flight I like to feel somewhat human and like to be as comfortable as possible and truth be told to find a small pamper session calming and relaxing. Travel Pillow and Mask are self-explanatory, as well as socks. If you’re travelling between two hot countries, the chances are you’re wearing flip flops so popping on a pair of fresh socks makes your trip more comfortable.

I wear a scarf and that can double up as a blanket, but usually, I’m content enough with the ones the airlines provide! Headphones, on the other hand, I have to have my own noise cancelling ones in the hopes of getting some sleep.

In terms of beauty essentials, I have a few. I do love doing a sheet mask, I’m not one for caring what other people think! It keeps my skin hydrated, especially used with my much loved La Roche Posay “Toleraine” moisturising cream – a lifesaver for my sensitive dry skin. For my lips, I go for my trusty Carmex the air on planes really dries them up.

I always pack a travel Toothbrush Kit to feel nice and fresh when I arrive. I also carry some femfresh wipes and some clean underwear to feel fresher – especially if the flight is 10+ hours or more. As someone who gets headaches quite a lot, I always have some painkillers in my hand luggage – you never know when or where you’ll need them!

6:Bring your own Snackscks! Travelling different time zones will also mess up your body clock as you could be eating breakfast when your body is on “dinner time”.

I often bring slow releasing snacks with me, be it a few cereal bars, some nuts, popcorn, dried fruit and of course a treat (or two) it keeps me sane and content, so I’m not waiting to for the food/drinks trolly to come around.

7: Move around.

Yes, I sound like a granny, I know but moving around on a long haul flight really isn’t a bad idea – even if it’s just to go to the toilet. I’m not a fan of flight socks as I find them really uncomfortable so the alternative to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is to do gentle exercises in your seat, as well as getting up to move around every 2 hours.



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