A Weekend in Bratislava

Getting There:

Getting to Bratislava is easy with Ryanair! I got flights for October for €54 return. Although I ended up having to switch my flight home as I wasn’t too keen on flying at 6.30 am and being in work that morning so I flew home via London Standsted an option if you’re like me and don’t particularly like the red eyes!

Getting from the Airport into the centre is easy via the no.61 bus which brings you to the train station. I booked a taxi and it cost me €30 on way. Ask the price beforehand as I’ve heard of people being charged €50. You can also download the taxi app “HOPIN” which I used on my return to the airport.

If you’re in Vienna (or visa versa) you can easily get to Bratislava via train or if you’re keen you can get a boat which would be a little mini cruise down the Danube.

Where to stay?

We stayed in HOTEL DEVIN the Old Town and I honestly I couldn’t have recommended it more.

  • Central Location
  • €100 per night
  • Pool and Spa Facilities
  • Comfy Beds
  • Great Wifi

What to Eat/Drink?

I really did my research for Bratislava and boy did it pay off. Honestly if you’re a foodie like myself you’ll be in heaven! Here’s my recommendations for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – you’re welcome!


Breakfast was €15 a head in the hotel which we declined as me being me, I’d a list as long as me arm on places that we had to try for eats – plenty that served breakfast and all at under €10.

Urban Bistro Try the Omlette with Chicken, Bacon and Caesar Dressing, trust me on this and try it! Their Chai Latte is also very food and both just came in under €10- Highly recommend. Enjoy Bistro right beside Urban Bistro is also very good – just get their early to avoid ques!


Roxor burger is a 20 minute walk from the old town – it’s a grand walk especially if the weather is nice, it’s straight forward and not too confusing! If you’re looking to take public transport to it Tram no.5 brings you close to the door. If you like your burger well done – ask for it, otherwise it comes out rather pink.  Urban Cafe, same company as Urban Bistro is another good option for a spot of lunch. It has a quirky hipster vibe to it, but good food nonetheless – a 5 minute walk from the Blue Church!

Coffee and Cake:

Konditore Kormuth is 100% worth the hype. I came here about 2pm on the Friday afternoon and I walked straight in. The waiter was so friendly and made sure I got “the best seat in the house” – it’s a tiny restaurant, but I was sat right at the window, optimum place for people watching! For a Coffee and Cake it’s €10, which is the cheapest option on the menu. It’s 100% worth all the hype mind and a lovely way to take a little rest. The que when I was leaving was quite long, so do try and go off peak!


This is something I never go, but I actually went here TWICE it was that good. I ate here when I arrived, and brought my friend Nicole here the following night, and we were both raving about it. Cheap and Cheerful (We’re talking €25 for a 3- course great quality meal) Close to the main square this one if a must!

Things to Do:

Bratislava is such a small city and so easy to get around. There’s ample public transport but being honest the best way to see everything is if you walk – bring your comfy shoes! Pretty much everything is within walking distance. It’s hard to get lost in Bratislava but the locals are friendly and will point you in the right direction.

1: Bratislava Castle
A nice walk from the Old Town, the castle is impressive! There is a Natural History Museum beside it and costs €4 to enter if you’re looking for a way to spend the afternoon. For us it was a lovely day and with it being October we made the most of the sunshine and just wandered and it was a glorious afternoon. There’s ample benches and a great view of the city, and the river Danube! If the weather permitted, it would be a fantastic place for a picnic!

St Martin’s Church:

10 Minute walk from the castle St Martins Church is very pretty! It’s also a lovely walk through the old part of Bratislava. We witness a wedding about to go into the church and it was lovely seeing Slovakian traditions.

View of Bratislava:

If you’re looking for a fantastic view of Bratislava, walk up the Old Town Hall. Less crowded than the Clock Tower lookout, but you still get a fantastic view! You pay €2.50 (cash) to go up (via the Bratislava City museum).  We were the only ones up there at one point and it was lovely to take a few minutes and let the beauty of the city sink in!

Blue Church:

The Blue Church is only about 5 minutes away from the Town Hall and it’s well worth seeing. It’s so pretty and away from the hustle and bustle of the main square. Unfortunately for us it was closed when we arrived, but nonetheless 100% worth seeing!


What I loved most about Bratislava was how small it was. We didn’t get any public transport as we didn’t need to! Everything was within walking distance. The streets in the Old Town are so pretty, but don’t worry you won’t get lost, as it’s not too big!

Well that’s that from Bratislava from me anyway! It’s become one of my favourite cities in Europe and I can’t wait to go back!

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