Bangkok Do’s & Dont’s

Bangkok will always have a special place for me. It was the first stop on my world adventure back in 2015 and I’ll never forget arriving full of nerves, excitement and anticipation. If you’ve been you’ll know how overwhelming the city is but if you’re thinking of going here’s a few useful tips!


  • Haggle, haggle, haggle. You’re given a “Felang” (Foreigner) price on everything. Be confident and assertive, but not aggressive. At the end of the day if you’re arguing over 50 cent re-evaluate your income versus their income.
  • Take Tuk Tuk’s they’re incredibly fun and if you’re lucky you’ll get one that blares out music!
  • Eat the street food. It’s delicious and so cheap!
  • Buy Elephant Pants on the Khao San Road (They were the cheapest I found in Thailand believe it or not!), but pay no more than 100-150 baht. They’re perfect for Temple’s and for travelling. Just be warned they’ll inevitably rip – more often than not in the crotch area. Always go for baggier ones and you’ll get more wear out of them before they rip!
  • Stock up on Tiger Balm- it was a lifesaver for me throughout my trip. It’s amazing for insect bits and really does help an awful lot! It’s also good for headaches and sore muscles too.
  • Wear flip flops or sandals that you can slip on and off as you take off your shoes entering Temples, people’s Homes and even some shops.
  • Treat Monks with the utmost respect, and don’t touch them if you’re a woman.
  • Get as many massages as you’d like they’re dirt cheap. My favourite was getting a 30-minute foot massage every day for like €4, it’s incredibly relaxing! Also, take advantage of getting pedicures every few days as for €3 you can get your tootsies polished!


  • Don’t get ripped off on Tuk Tuk’s. Always negotiate a price before you go, and insist on NO STOPS as before you know if you’ll be pulling up to their Tailor friend or some tacky souvenir shop and you’ll have a hard time leaving without buying something.
  • On transport notes, I wouldn’t recommend getting a Motorcycle Taxi unless you’re living life on the edge and want to encounter a cardiac arrest or want to fucking well die. – speaking from experience. Sorry Mum.
  • Learn a few phrases. The Thai people are so warm and welcoming and a little effort for a long way. Alex our Tour Manager gave us phrases everywhere we went, which was a great help!
  • Don’t say anything negative about the Thai Royal Family – a Thai man got 2 months in Jail for a dodgy Facebook Status insulting the Royal Family.
  • Street food is delicious – ask anyone, but you have to be smart about it. If it looks dodgy or if it looks like it’s being laying out there all day, don’t eat it for the love of God or you’ll be ill, which it’s not a pleasant experience, especially when you’re faced with Squat toilets.
  • Which brings be to my next point. Don’t be a Diva. Things are different and more often than not you encounter Squat toilets, get over yourself and don’t moan. You’re not better than it. Embrace the cultural differences and I guarantee you, your trip will be made 10 times better.
  • Avoid Ping Pong Shows. They’re not fun, it’s not anyway entertaining and if you have a conscience you’ll feel like shit for going to one.

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